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Good meat is hard to find! But good meat is worth finding as it is then a pleasure to handle, cook with and eat! Our butchery department is run by James and Mike, our existing customers will already know the good practices James follows and how delicious our meat is but if you have not tried it before, come to Provenance and you won’t be disappointed. In particular, try the minced steak, perfect in a bolognaise, the home made sausage, lovely in a barm with plenty of brown sauce or one of Beazley’s pies!

Where our meat is from is crucial to us as it’s the key to quality and everything we stock is fully traceable back to the farm. We ensure the animals lived a good life and were traditionally reared. Then the carcases are hung long enough to develop a rich flavour and guaranteed tenderness before they are expertly butchered by James and Mike. They butcher the meat themselves which means we can offer you the exact cut that you require. Our philosophy is the healthier and happier the animal, the better the meat will taste! It’s this simple philosophy that enables us to supply succulent meat with maximum flavour, which is often lost in today’s intensive farming methods. We provide grass fed beef and lamb and free range chicken and pork.

Our meat isn’t expensive and we don’t want you to think it is. The fact is that supermarkets often stock mass produced cheap meat of poor quality. At the supermarket you often don’t know where the animal was raised, how it was treated, what it ate and how it lived. Cheap meat is a false economy as quantity is never a substitute for quality. Once you have tasted a really good piece of meat, there is no substitute and it is often better to pay more money for less meat which is better quality. We will always do our best to cut meat to your requirements and we can always recommend a cheaper cut to suit your dish. We just want to provide you with the best quality meat for you to enjoy. Feel free to ask James or Mike any questions as they have a wealth of meat and butchery knowledge and experience.

As well as the traditional cuts, we also prepare a variety of delicious ready to cook meat products. We do all the hard work so you don’t have to. We combine fresh ingredients, herbs and spices or marinades with our quality meat to create an exciting range. We are always coming up with new ideas but some of the products include: chicken cushions, beef truffles, stuffed pork and kebabs. We can provide plenty of inspiration to the never ending question, “what shall I cook for tea tonight?”

Choosing the right cut of meat can be daunting and we don’t want it to be. It can be a difficult task as it can make a big difference to the end result of the dish you are cooking in terms of cost, taste and time to cook. All the different cuts can seem confusing but don’t let that put you off buying meat from the butcher. Come in and talk to us, it doesn’t matter if you don’t know what the cut is called, just tell us what you want to achieve. Alternatively, let us know what you would like to spend and James or Mike will suggest a suitable cut.

Also where the cut of meat comes from on the animal determines how it should be cooked. For example cuts which are from the muscle areas which do a lot of work need longer, slower cooking methods like braising and casseroling. Cuts of meat which are from muscle areas not so heavily used by the animal can be cooked more quickly and are suitable for grilling and stir frying. James or Mike can always suggest the best way to cook your selected cut of meat if you so wish. Alternatively, the following diagrams show where individual cuts are from on the animal and what the best ways to cook them are.

Why not visit our butchers in Westhoughton, Bolton and see for yourself.