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Good meat is hard to find! But good meat is worth finding, as it is then a pleasure to handle, cook with and eat! Our butchery department is run by Rodney and his team, our existing customers will already know the good practices we follow and how delicious our meat is, but if you have not tried it before come to Provenance and you won’t be disappointed.

Where our meat is from is crucial to us as it’s the key to quality. Everything we stock is fully traceable back to the farm. Our beef, pork and lamb comes from Yorkshire - all the animals are allowed to roam the fields (even in winter the cattle has an open sided barn so they can choose).

As well as the traditional cuts, we also prepare a variety of delicious ready to cook meat products. We do all the hard work so you don’t have to. We combine fresh ingredients, herbs and spices or marinades with our quality meat to create an exciting range. We are always coming up with new ideas but some of the products include: chicken cushions, beef truffles, stuffed pork and kebabs. We can provide plenty of inspiration to the never ending question, “what shall I cook for tea tonight?”

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